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Made in Wisconsin Milwaukee Basketball Old Fashioned Ope St. Patrick's Day. Top off with either lemon-lime soda for a sweet old fashioned or sour mix for the sour variety. Step 5. Almost done. Stir an garnish with a cherry and orange wedge. Step 6.

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Add ¾ to 1 oz Wisco-N-Sin™ Old Fashioned mix. Top off with sweet or sour soda. Garnish with cherries, orange, olives, mushrooms, etc. or leave as is. Enjoy! BLACKBERRY Place ice into an old fashioned glass. Pour in 1 ½ oz. of your favorite brandy, whiskey, or even vodka. Add ¾ to 1 oz. "Blackberry" Wisco-N-Sin™ Old Fashioned Mix.

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This hot spot features a "Wisconsin-style" old fashioned made without soda, as well as fancy-schmancy, hand-cut ice. Ooh la la! The Packing House (Milwaukee) Photo by Maggie Schultz.. so good that they sell their Old Fashion mix right there! Also The Sky Club is home to the very 1st salad bar! Reply. Amy says: February 1, 2018 at 11:34.

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Social. VerDon™ Old Fashioned Mix started in our family kitchen back in 1962. We've been told it's the perfect blend of bitters and sugar. The Old Fashioned got its name back in the 1800s when people requested their favorite whiskey cocktail be made the "old fashioned way.". In honor of that family history, we produce VerDon Old.

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In Wisconsin, however, the Old Fashioned ditches convention. Wisconsinites swap their whiskey for a brandy-based mixture served one of three ways: sweet, sour or press. " 'Sweet' is with 7-Up, 'sour' is with Squirt soda or pre-packaged sour mix, and 'press' is half 7-Up, half club soda," says Brian Bartels, author of The United.

Wisconsin Brandy Old Fashioned Recipe Brandy old fashioned, Brandy

When you order a brandy Old Fashioned in Wisconsin, you can use these terms to sound like you're a local. Here's the decoder key: Sweet: Lemon lime soda (like 7 Up or Sprite). This is the default option at bars. Sour: Sour mix or grapefruit soda (like Squirt). Press: 50/50 lemon lime soda and soda water ( club soda)

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Instructions. Take your glass and add the orange slice, cherries, sugar cube, bitters, and a teaspoon of syrup from the maraschino cherry jar. Add a dash of 7up and then take your muddler (or a spoon) and mash all the ingredients up in the bottom of the glass. Pour in your brandy, add ice, and then top off with 7up.

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Similar Cocktails. Classic Old Fashioned: A timeless cocktail blending whiskey, bitters, sugar, and water, garnished with an orange slice or cherry for a smooth finish.; Brandy Alexander: A luxurious dessert cocktail made with brandy, dark crème de cacao, and cream, dusted with grated nutmeg for a sweet, rich taste.; Manhattan: A sophisticated mix of whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters.

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Made popular in taverns and supper clubs throughout the state, the Old Fashioned is a staple. You really should try it as a slush… it is a party maker. Miss Mary's proudly launched our Wisconsin Old Fashioned Mix in 2020 to pay homage to our home state (and because we ALL needed a cocktail that year).

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Making the Perfect Wisconsin Old Fashioned. Combine 2 parts Brandy (we suppose you could make it with Whiskey or Bourbon if you're a trouble maker or from Chicago*) with 1 part Miss Mary's Old Fashioned in a rocks glass over ice. THAT'S IT. We made it easy so you can enjoy the PERFECT cocktail any time. After all, cocktails are meant to be.

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Lawmakers in Wisconsin have passed a resolution declaring the state's official cocktail: the brandy old fashioned. How do you mix an old fashioned? Almost anywhere in the world, the answer is.

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Meyer Brothers Old Fashioned Mix, Saint Nazianz, Wisconsin. 1,457 likes · 2 talking about this · 2 were here. Meyer Brothers Old Fashioned Mix is an original Wisconsin supper club recipe made with.

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In 3 quart sauce pan combine sugar, water, brown sugar, and bitters. Cook over medium heat until small bubbles start to form DO NOT BOIL! Add 1 large or 2 small cinnamon sticks to each jar and pour hot mixture over them. Let cool in open jars at room temp then seal the jars and store in a cool dry place no refrigeration needed.

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Wisconsin Old Fashioned Variations. Wisconsin Old-Fashioned Mocktail: Replace the brandy with orange- or cherry-flavored soda. Classic Old-Fashioned: The original, made with bourbon or rye and without the soda. Sweet Wisconsin Old-Fashioned: Made with 7-Up. Press Wisconsin Old-Fashioned: Made with 50/50 7-Up (or another lemon-lime soda) and.

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Mix and enjoy responsibly. Great never grows old. Wisconsin's first, Master Mixologist, Jerome, "Shifty" Hafner was inducted into the, "Bartending Hall of Fame" in 1988. After 61 years of barkeeping, Shifty retired from Sky Club Supper Club, (Home of the First Ever Salad Bar) located in Plover, WI. Ingredients: Water, Cane Sugar.